Cupcake D'lights delightfully South African Couture for Cakes

Well it is getting closer and closer to the day that my gorgeous sister in law to be Deb and my brother Al will be getting married in South Africa and well the time to start making plans has commenced!  So they have just over a year to start making plans from the other side of the world so of course l decided to jump on board and become the wedding stylist well that is the title l have given myself! hahahaha!

I have been having so much fun assisting Deb in deciding on what style of wedding she wants and finding suppliers for her BIG day!!!  They had already decided upon the venue last year and in a few weeks they are back to South Africa to make final plans and meet and greet some suppliers and do some wedding dress shopping!!!  Oh how much fun!

Oh how l love a wedding!!! Or maybe l just love planning!!  Yep l think that is really my forte! Planning, searching, organising!  I LOVE IT!!! So l have become a little obsessed with looking at real weddings in South Africa!!  Just mildly, well my mildly means very!!! It has been great to be able to see the suppliers other people have used so we can try and find some that are close to their venue!  Thanks goodness for the internet!!!

So on one of my many searches l came across the most AMAZING Cake Designer as l like to call her because her cakes really are a work of art and not just a mere decorated cake!!  Cake Couture has never looked so good and her Chanel Function pictures really do showcase her amazing talent and attention to detail! So who is this AMAZING cake designer??? Zalita of Cupcake D'Lights located in Durban South Africa and she is a blogger too so check out her page!!

So l think l may have convinced my brother to go with a dessert buffet as opposed to a plated dessert after looking at these gorgeous photos!!  Her Creations are truly inspirational!!

I also think that a Dessert Buffet is a great design feature to incorporate into a wedding or any event really as it can bring all of your design concepts together and make it a real focal point as well as adding a personal touch!

Zalita's cakes sound absolutely scrumptious and if l lived nearby l would definitely be indulging in a Lindt Choc Fudge Cupcake or a lemon curd cupcake....mmmmmm.... just the thought is making my mouth water!  Well l think l had better go bake myself some cupcakes then ..... off to the kitchen l go!!!

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