Just Call Me Martha!!

It is really quite funny that when l was deciding on my blog name earlier this year that one of the names l wanted was They Call Me Martha as quite a few times my friends call me the regular Martha Stewart including her jail spell!! Hahahaha!!  Well not quite but l have spent a few hours sobering up in a cell when l was a LOT younger!!!  Unfortunately the blog name was taken so now l find it rather funny that in my travels in Party Land l have come across the most talented Leoni from Just Call me Martha!!

Leoni is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and her creations well quite astonishing!!  And you guessed it she is also another talented Melbourne Mumprenuer and Blogger!!  I am so inspired by such local talent and think that Leoni 's Biscuits are just the most DIVINE thing l have ever seen and l think l would be tempted to frame them and never eat them!!  Just too Gorgeous for words!!  So my meager attempt at owl cookies really do look rather mmmm how should l say it ....amateurish!!!  But what do they say..... Practice makes Perfect!!!

I would love to learn a few tricks of the trade from Leoni and if she ever offered a biscuit decorating course well l would be there in a flash as l just love learning new things and sharing new found skills with others of course to their waistline detriment!! hahaha!

So please go and check out Leoni's AMAZING creations and follow her blog at http://justcallmemarthaa.blogspot.com/2011_02_01_archive.html
and she also has a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Just-call-me-Martha/135227659857933?sk=wall

Here are some of her INSPIRING Creations that have got me ooohing and aaahing and thinking ...... how does she do that..... she really must be Martha!!!
Gorgeous Owl Party Cake & Cupcakes! Love the Painted Birds!
Gorgeous Owl Cake!  Details, Details and more Details!!

Close up of cupcakes!  DIVINE!
Lovely embossed cookies
Alannah Rose's Stationary  Inspired Lala Bird Cake
The Cutest Cake Pops l have seen!!  Watch out Bakerella!!
Lovely matching cookies
Back to School Party featured on Bird's Party and Amy Atlas
Love the use of blackboard paint and chalk to offset the green and red
Cute Cupcakes!

Hope you enjoyed looking at some eye candy and remember to like her facebook page and get updates on all of her wonderful and inspiring creations! I LOVE Just Call Me Martha and have added her to my bloglist idols!
Bye for now!!  I am off to the Kitchen to Bake!!

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