{Create} Road Tested Donna Hay's Macaron Mix and the review is it's Child's Play!

Donna Hay has been my absolute idol since l first started cooking and she seems to have taken me on a wonderful food journey over the past 16 years when l bought my first Marie Claire Cookbook!!  Donna was an inspiration to me then opening up my world to a foodie paradise and l have watched her journey as well from Marie Claire to Donna Hay cookbooks, to the magazine, to the store, to TV presenter and finally gourmet cake mixes!

Donna you continually inspire me to bake and create and so l was delighted when one of my best friends bought me a packet of macaron mix as l am always eager to create the perfect macaron and to have a cheats method would be HEAVEN!!!  I only discovered these delicate biscuit sandwiches a few months ago but l am obsessed with trying to perfect the recipe but some days l just don't have the energy so l was happy to let Audrey give Donna's macaron mix a go!!
Audrey all set to bake her first macarons
added water to egg mix and had to wait... Donna's timer came in handy!
Mixing... Mixing....Mixing...
Audrey thinking what was the next step! Or maybe can l lick the beaters now??
Time to add the almonds
Time to fold the mixture
Time to pipe the macarons but this wasn't required but FUN!!
Proud Cook Miss Audrey making the Chocolate Ganache
We had so much fun making these together and Audrey insisted that she was making them so l was only given a job when she was finding it hard or more like she was getting bored!!!  So what is my verdict on the macaron mix???

At first l was rather skeptical as l thought that they wouldn't rise but they did and they were perfect!!  Of course l had to tweak just a little by adding a little more water to the mix and l wanted them to be coloured so l added some colour paste and a little more chocolate to the ganache but over all l think they are great if you want to make macarons and have them work!!  I did discover that the instruction leaflet did not mention what temperature to heat the oven to but the box did so it was lucky that the box was in the recycling and easy to retrieve!!  I think it would be great if the mix offered instructions for making coloured macarons as an alternative as l normally associate macarons as being a bright coloured taste explosion!

"Mmmmm Chocolate Milk and Macarons! Just Gorgeous Mamma!" was Audrey's response!

So would l use Donna Hay's Macaron Mix again?? Yes, Yes, Yes!!  I think they would make the perfect tea party accompaniment and easy to make but you can fool everyone into thinking you have been in the kitchen for hours!!  I mean if Audrey age 3 can make macarons then l am sure an absolute novice baker can too and for the more experienced baker then they are a great quick alternative when you just don't have the time to let your macarons sit for hours!!  Oh and did l mention they are DELICIOUS!!!

So go get yourself Donna's new gourmet mixes which are available online at her store http://www.donnahay.com.au/shop-online/food or check your local Woolworths store which where my friend bought them!  The brownies are delicious too!!!

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